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Farm Country Seasons by Dale Shank

Spring. Melting ice.

First robin.

Northbound geese. Honking.

Redbuds budding.

Daffodil bunches for sale.

Tractors emerging. Billowing blue exhaust.

Jumping jack lambs.

Lawns turning green.

Closeting skis.

Don’t plant the corn too early.

Summer. Aroma of mown alfalfa.

Early Girl tomatoes.

Catfish filet picnics. Bonfires. S’mores.

Skinny dipping sunburns.

No rain for weeks.

Salty well water.

Parched wheat fields. No kernels.

Tinderbox grass.

Cows to be fed.

Twister. Too close.

Torrential downpour.

Bridges washed out.

Ominous harvest moon.

Shooting stars.

Double the cords of winter fire wood.

Autumn. Leaves orange and flame red.

Cider press. Apple butter.

Geese flying south. Silent.

Sighting the rifles.

Deer hunting.

Venison jerky.

School. Parent/teacher chats. Report cards.


Dreams of skiing.

Nip in the air.

Don’t toss fermented cider.

Winter. Blizzard. Frostbite risk.

Cast iron firebox stoked.

Chimney needs sweeping. Eyes stinging.

Corn chowder.

Buttered cornbread.

Warm spell.

Garage the snowplow.

Cold spell. Snow again.

Snow angels.

Skating on the pond.

Hot rum toddies.

Seed catalog dreams.

Never let the fire go out.


Dale Shank’s fiction and poetry have been published in: Exquisite Corpse, Sterling Clack Clack, Wingless Dreamer, The Healing Muse, The Raw Art Review, Akros Review, Before the Sun, Croton Review, Joint Endeavor, Powder, and University of Portland Review.

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