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A Tree in Autumn by Jennifer Cahill

A tree is a Thanksgiving

bouquet: its small hard berries

are within a flush

of lemon- green leaves-

they are miniature deep red pumpkins.

The changing leaves

are little veils that shroud

a grey squirrel chasing another.

They are the hue of the rain-

clouds that hasten

to leave the Fall sky this evening;

yet the dove grey shades

slip into a dark

twilight blue, with bursts of silvery shine.

The berries cling to the tree…


Jennifer Cahill is the author of Majestic Colors (2020), and she is published in Issue One of “Bluing the Blade” (Tempered Runes December 2020), Gods Feast on Lost Moons; Ms. Cahill's Dusk Colored Wings was published with “The Voices Project” (August 25, 2020). Her poetry appears in Pua La'a Kea, Sacred Light of Flower (2021 Savant Poetry Anthology). The online magazine “Goats Milk” published Ms. Cahill's poetry in their Summer 2021 issue. Her poem A Body, a Tree appears with the online publication “The Closed Eye, Open” (2021). She lives in Massachusetts with her beloved cat “Tilly”.

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